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Inspiration – Ready for Spring Look

Spring Look Inspiration

Spring. Spring is approaching and I can definitely say that I am ready for it. Since I am so looking forward to warm weather with a slight breeze that carries the scent of flowers with it I decided to bring spring to the blog. This feeling inspired me to show you my spring favorites in this look. You can never go wrong with wearing nice ripped blue jeans combined with a striped blouse. I found these Jeans on Bik Bok...

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Outfit; Queen of the night

Queen of the night

Queen of the Night. This is the second post about my time in South Tyrol. Since we were in this super fancy hotel we decided to dress up nicely for dinner. If you want to find out where we stayed please read my last article here. I have to say that I have been to so many different restaurants in my life. From food trucks to super high class locations, I ate everywhere. I am telling you this because at our hotel...

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Relaxing Weekend

Wellness. Sometimes all I need is a weekend away from home -  a relaxing weekend. There is nothing better than staying in a nice hotel and just treat yourself by swimming, having a sauna, eating really good food. And that is exactly what I did in South Tyrol. After flying to New York City (read here) which I shared here I needed a relaxing weekend. We stayed in the small town Nova Levante which is all up in the mountains....

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On the seaside

Westchester County. My very last post about my time in the US. There is one place half an hour outside of the city right on the seaside where I love to be. I love to spent time there, breathe in the fresh air, smell the salt in the air and think. As you might figured I spent a lot of my time with thinking. I believe that there is no place like the ocean that makes me happier. Okay, I...

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Von Plänen & dem inneren Selbsthass

This column is only available in German. Mir gehen Gedanken durch den Kopf, die ich vor 4 Monaten haben sollte. Ich habe ihn endlich, den perfekte Plan! Wie wir funktionieren können. Der perfekte Plan hilft aber nichts, wenn er nicht mehr gebraucht wird. Meine Gedanken kreisen um diesen Plan. Ich zweifle an mir selbst, dass er mir erst jetzt kommt. Warum bin ich nicht schon früher auf die Idee gekommen?! Aber es ist schwierig, wenn man plötzlich nicht mehr weiß, wer man...

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Impressions of New York City Part 3

Part 3. I feel like I can't show you enough pictures of New York and since I couldn't decide which are my favorites you get a huge load of pictures. Also there is not much left to say why I share my impressions of New York City so here are my favorite quotes of the city that never sleeps. [eltdf_blockquote text="One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. - Tom...

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I found myself in Bryant Park

Bryant Park. I wanted to share this outfit in Bryant Park and tell you how I felt in that exact moment. In between all of those humans I felt save. Save from myself. I sat there watching those people ice-skating, everyone seemed so happy. Sometimes that is all we need. We need to soak up other peoples happiness. There is also something about Bryant Park. Such a small place next to the New York City Library and all the huge...

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